Someone should make a response site that reads, "We know! They're car salesmen!"

Looking to get ripped off on a used car? Why not swing by Not to be confused with Or actually, they are to be confused with each other since that's exactly what the pissed off web designer who created the above homepage intended.


According to the post shared on reddit, a web designer was in contract to purchase a used car from the sales division of Thrifty Car Rental. The post claims that the salesperson changed the already signed contract to add an extra $4000 to the purchase price. When the purchaser backed out of the transaction, Thrifty refused to return the purchaser's deposit.

Seeking some sort of vengeance, the puchaser decided to put their web design skills to use. It turned out Thrifty failed to buy up all the similar domain names to their own "," so the designer purchased "," grabbed everything from the real homepage, and threw it all on the copycat site with the stamp of disapproval pictured above, which will likely be encountered by people who want a used car but don't want to waste time typing in the entirety of a url.

The lesson here is pay more attention to that "employment" field on the documentation before ripping someone off. If they're a web designer, they're going to do something like this not just to shame you, but because they know it will score them major upvotes and likes on reddit and everywhere else. You give them no choice.

Sources: Redditor dechamp