Mal, Olivia, and the Brooklyn Bridge. (via)


Marriage equality achieved a major breakthrough recently after a woman proposing to her girlfriend made the kind of mistake which normally involves butter-fingered bros riding in boats and hot air balloons.

Mal Harris and Olivia Fader planned an romantic stop on the Brooklyn Bridge during their vacation to New York from Nova Scotia. The idea was to place two "love locks" on the bridge, a recent tradition where couples place padlocks along one of the rails, then throw the keys away as a symbol of their tightly fastened love.

Lovers have the bridge on lock. (via)

Mal decided to up the ante by surprising Olivia with a diamond engagement ring on the bar of her lock, then popping the question after she popped the lock. It was a sweet plan, and a perfect moment, right up until the white gold emerald cut diamond ring flew off the lock and landed between two planks on the bridge.

Pop, lock and dropped it. (via)

As you can see in the above picture, they didn't think retrieving the ring from the walkway would be that big of a deal. And it wouldn't have been. It only became a big deal moments later when the ring slipped from the space and fell forty feet onto an industrial platform inaccessible to pedestrians.

Protect, serve, and occasionally search. (via)

Lucky for them, there were two cops patrolling the bridge that day with big hearts and, more importantly, access to the area of the bridge where the ring landed. From their blog:

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