I totally forgot I bought all that pot. 

In Canada, being a heavy pot smoker is now evidence that you aren't a criminal

Saskatchewan man Devon Douglas Lavallee was pulled over for erratic driving in August of 2013 when the officer found almost half a kilogram of marijuana in the trunk of his car. Officers found even more weed in Lavallee's home the next day. 

A Mountie who specialized in drug trafficking testified that that was way too much pot for one person, but Lavallee was ready to prove him wrong. 

The prosecution pointed out that pot usually loses its potency after six months, and there was no way a man could smoke that much by then. But, according to The Canadian Press, "Lavallee argued he’s been smoking between 5 and 13 grams a day for 13 years. He said it was to help relieve chronic back pain."

The old "13 for 13" defense. Gotta love it. This guy can go through a quarter pound of pot in about two weeks, all by his very lonesome.

While the accused provided no documentation of these back troubles, Judge Felicia Daunt said she "had no reason to disbelieve him," and then gave him a not-guilty ruling because "the Crown was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lavallee intended to sell the pot."

He had no scale, no packaging materials, and no cell phone. This guy just likes to smoke that good stuff, and he's not taking any calls. 

The most brilliant part of Lavallee's defense was the ultimate stoniness of it all. When questioned on why he needed so much weed at once, the defense said, "He smokes so much that he forgot he had pot left when he went to buy some more."

Forgot he had pot because he was stoned? Yup. It all checks out, he was checked out. 

Lavallee was, however, found guilty of possession.

He was probably like, "Cool, I thought I had some left."

(by Myka Fox)