A ten foot statue of the Greek hero Heracles stands in Parc Mauresque, France, but it's missing one big part. According to Hyperallergic and multiple news outlets, over the years Heracles' glorious marble penis has been repeatedly stolen by vandals.

Where'd his who-what go?

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Town officials have finally decided they have had enough of the castrations, and made the decision to largely leave the poor guy standing out there without a dick for most of the year. But they did make an exception; Heracles will be fitted with a removable prosthetic penis that will only make an appearance during special occasions like ceremonies and festivals. 

But only on special occasions.

The statue was made by Claude Bouscau and "erected" in 1948. After its initial reveal, apparently women were shocked by the size of Heracles' marble member, and Bouscau had to shave it down not once, but twice.

The town's mayor Yves Foulon told Sud Ouest, “I wouldn’t want anyone—not even my worst enemies — to go through what happened to this statue." 


After all that this statue's penis has seen, it would seem the prosthetic is a pretty big deal.

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