This guy is flying the nuclear enabled gun-ship of Helicopter Parenting.

Man, Craigslist is full of scams. You're reading an ad and everything seems legit. You think you're going to get a $150 seat at a football game and some guy's out-of-your-league step-daughter for free, which seems like a reasonable deal. Free is a pretty good price for a football game and a human. Then you keep reading the ad and whammo, there's the catch! You're going to have to spring for some Buffalo chicken wraps and a Pinot at Bennigans first. That's like thirty bucks!  WHY DO THESE CON ARTISTS WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE THIS?

This is an example of sweet-but-weird parenting, unlike the just-plain-ew parenting of the mom who tried to get her son laid before he went to Harvard. Not sure how broken-hearted this guy's step-daughter is that her date cancelled. Nor is it clear that she has any idea her company has been offered on Craigslist for the price of a meal, but if you want a shot at this you have until midnight tonight to throw your hat in the ring "due to the overwhelming response." If you want a make a good impression, try to avoid haggling down to "apps only" at the dinner. Full ad below:


(by Bob Powers)

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