Portland is one step closer to becoming a real-life 'Portlandia' sketch.

"As long as you follow the dildos, you'll find your way home." (via Kolkata)


Someone hung a bunch of dildos from power lines all over Portland. Yep. That's about it. Nobody has any idea who did it or why. The dildos have been found on Comcast and Century21 lines, but neither company has commented on the matter, so it doesn't look like it's the result of a prank war between cable companies (although that would be cool). Some speculated that it was orchestrated by a local sex toy shop, but the owner of the shop said she has nothing to do with it. Maybe it was started by just one person, but then "dildo-ing" caught on and became a collective phenomenon, like planking or Communism.

Perhaps it's a city-wide art installation? (via Gawker)

This is Portland's version of sneaker tossing. (via Oregon Live)

Portland General Electric hasn't taken them down yet, since they don't pose a real fire hazard. There's no official count on the number of dildos, but people speculate that it could be in the hundreds. The Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement started receiving calls about them three weeks ago, but they actually received more calls from the media than from Portland residents, who have been pretty chill about the whole thing.

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