Stelarc, an Australian artist who teaches at Curtis University, is growing an ear in his arm.

He's not all ears, but he's getting there. (via ABC News AU)

Stelarc came up with the idea in 1996, but it only came to fruition a decade later, when he found doctors who were willing to carry out the experiment. They inserted a metal armature under his skin, and for the next few years, blood vessels and tissue grew in and around it, forming a pretty realistic-looking ear. According to Stelarc, "it's fixed to [his] arm and it has its own blood supply." For the next phase of the experiment, he's planning on making it more three-dimensional by "lifting it up off the arm and growing an ear lobe" using his own stem cells, because if you're put an ear in your arm, you gotta commit. 

Sorry, I should've probably put a warning up top. (via ABC News AU)

Stelarc's ultimate goal is to implant a microphone in the ear and hook it up to the Internet, so people from all around the world can tune in and listen to what he's doing through the ear. It guess it's some kind of statement about how we're plugged in all the time? 

Sources: ABC AU