Fox News went out of its way to mention that it's a Black Bear.

Oh, hello bear! (via Doug Harder/Facebook)

It was just his cross to bear. Douglas Harder of Sandpoint, Idaho has his home frequently visited by bears with varying degrees of cuteness.

Last week, while Harder was out of the house, a bear snuck in through the sliding door of his condo, presumably to check out his DVD collection and see if he had the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow film, Sliding Doors.

Knock knock. Who's there? Bear. Bear Who? Bear you to open up! (via Douglas Harder/CNN)

The bear ransacked the condo and left a present for Harder when he got home. It took him two hours to clean up the place, and probably 10 hours to Febreze the room before the poop scent was fully masked.

Not the first time we post a photo of bear shit on this site, not the last. (via Douglas Harder/CNN)

Just last Friday, the bear was ready for round two. While Harder had since locked or fortified his sliding door, the bear tried to sneak in at the front, through the cat flap.

It all started with me sending the local tv stations in Spokane yesterday a photo of a young bear trying to get in my...

Posted by Doug Harder on Saturday, August 15, 2015
Sources: CNN