I've definitely seen him in mine...

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyy." (via CBS Chicago)


A few weeks ago, Julia Graham and her husband were driving past historic Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago at around 10PM when they saw a clown nightmare come to life. To be clear, that is after hours for a cemetery. If cemeteries had bouncers this would be after they told guests "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here, unless you're dead!" It would be weird to see anyone standing at the gate waving at you. But the fact that they're dressed as a clown is a whole other level of "WTF."

The couple watched the unidentified weirdo climb a seven foot gate, trespassing on consecrated ground for no reason other than to be a total creep. When they drove their car around to confirm that they weren't having some kind of fever dream, the clown had the audacity to wave at them, like they were the ones who were being rude for staring. Graham told CBS Chicago:

“I mean, this was somebody putting forth a lot of effort — and being really weird."

Yes, the weirdest thing about this whole episode is the amount of effort that went into it. There have apparently been a bunch of creepy clown sightings all over recently, which the video above addresses, but most of them are during the day. Who goes to the trouble of dressing up as a clown, then wandering a cemetery late at night? But this one did... and they got filmed... Wow, nevermind. It totally worked. Joke's on me. Clown's always have the last, freaky laugh.

Sources: CBS Chicago