Earlier this year, 8-year-old Gabi Mann became a minor Internet celebrity for her unique relationship with the crows in her backyard.

Besties!!! (via Metro/Wikimedia Commons)

The Seattle kid's rapport with the winged creatures was simple: She would feed them, and they, in turn, would bring her gifts, such as these little trinkets:

Crows have a really DIY fashion sense. (via The BitterSweet Life)

Her story (told in a robot voice, for some reason) was picked up by a bunch of news outlets, until she gradually faded away from the spotlight. She's recently re-appeared, however, for far less touching reasons: Her neighbors are suing her.

Actually, they're suing her family, since she's only 8, but still, they're basically suing her. The allegations? "Your damn crows are getting in my yard!!!"

The lawsuit alleges that Gary Mann, an oncologist, and Lisa Mann ignored peaceful requests from neighbors to stop their child from feeding crows. 

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