Sometimes leaving a bad review on Yelp can backfire, and other times it can lead to being sued. That's exactly what one dentist in New York City is doing to former (we're assuming) patients who leave particularly scathing reviews on Yelp.


Dr. Nima Dayani has filed at least four lawsuits against people who have left negative Yelp reviews, claiming that the language used is defamatory, and that the reviews have harmed his business over time.

One such patient being sued is Mary Rohs, who wrote in her review:

Of the total TWO HOURS FIFTEEN MINUTES I was there, I think I was speaking to Dr. Dayani for about 30 minutes of that whole time... The rest was spent in his chair, without being offered a water or a magazine... He couldn’t help determine what was bothering me. I left with a mouth full of pain and a recommendation to see my dentist for a possible cavity.

Forget that Mary sounds like a nightmare—bring your own reading material—​Yelp doesn't feel like she, and others like her, deserve to be sued.