We don't know what caused this woman to want to terminate her marriage. (Did he clip his toenails in public? Spoil Game of Thrones? Tell her to "shh calm down, babe"?) We do know that she felt it was urgent enough that she needed to walk off her plane as it was readying for take-off, forcing 500 passengers to also disembark due to safety regulations.


The incident went down at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport on Monday, RT reports. According to witnesses, the woman kept saying "I am not in the mood to fly now" and demanded that flight attendants let her leave the plane.

As a result, the Moscow-Vladivostok flight was delayed for seven hours while every piece of luggage had to go through security screening a second time. Passengers were, understandably, pissed, and they documented the whole fiasco on social media.

One passenger named Elena posted several videos on Instagram and wrote:

A woman aged 40 took a decision to divorce her husband. Urgently! And she needed to walk off the plane. Cabin crew tried in vain to persuade her not to leave the aircraft because this is a long procedure.

Sources: RT