A lifetime of terrible decisions squeezed into one evening.

See you on the other side. (via BuzzFeed)

BuzzFeed Video documented what happens when adults get drunk for the first time, and it goes about as well as anyone's first time getting drunk (if you favor libations). Quotes out of the gate include "this is the mistake train" and "I feel like an octopus." Then the progression to later stages of drunken quotes roll in, with classics such as "I said I wasn't gonna cry" and "my stomach feels like a box of clams." Not certain why there are so many references to sea food, but it's probably because they're in L.A. Or it's because they're all mermaids and mermen which explains why they've never had land elixirs.


Enjoy this, and remember just how lucky we are that cameras aren't rolling once we hop on the mistake train.

Sources: BuzzFeed