Brandon Scott Wolf is a stand-up and NBC writer who had some viral success with his website Date Brandon Scott Wolf, the online dating website where he is the only match you're going to get. It's unclear if he's had any romantic success, but Brandon is clearly a man who is full of ideas. His most recent idea is to challenge Floyd "Money" Mayweather to a fight at MGM Grand, because not all ideas are good ones we should devote whole websites to (but that doesn't mean they're not funny). now exists, and here's its message:

Brandon is a lover, not a fighter, but he wants to see if Mayweather can knock him unconscious as quickly as we all think. A lot of people must want to know too, because his campaign has gone viral. Brandon told SB Nation about his expectations for the match, besides an instantaneous brain hemorrhage:

Wil: What can you bring to the ring that Floyd Mayweather hasn't seen before?

Brandon: Mayweather has no way of scouting me. There's no tape for him to watch, there's no info out there on my fighting style, and aside from the Tale of the Tape on that lists my height, weight, and my reach on Twitter there's really no way for him to make a game plan. I'm sure that's something he's never had to encounter before.

Wil: If this fight does happen, how will you spend your purse money?

Brandon: I said this in the Promo Video, but it's important for me to reiterate this: All of the proceeds I make from the match will be donated and evenly split between the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization that wants to create a culture where domestic violence is NOT tolerated, and ProLiteracy, an organization that believes every adult has a right to literacy. Of course, after all of my hospital bills are paid in full.

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