To everything, there is a season, and Japanese manufacturers are calling an end to the VCR's season.

The staple of home entertainment in the 1980s and 90s—not to mention the squiggly lines that came from pausing excessively, showing all your friends and family the nude scenes you enjoyed most—will cease to be. The last manufacturer, Funai Electric, announced it would no longer make them after years of declining sales.


There are collectors who will keep the VCR dream alive. David Jinks, who collects VHS tapes, told The Independent:

These are movies that feel too cleaned-up on DVD and Blu-ray, as if they were never meant to look that good... You can see the mistakes they made and the bad makeup and everything. Watching them on VHS is closer to the old drive-in or grindhouse theater, the way the director intended it to look.

So what does this mean for all of us that remember the days of VHS?

It means no more reminders to rewind the VHS tape before returning it to Blockbuster (remember them?).