Good news, American Harry Potter fans: J.K. Rowling finally wrote brand-new stories for you, and it's something that doesn't require you to know what a "prefect" is (it's like a British hall monitor, but more powerful)! And the new stories will be released on her Pottermore website beginning today, March 8.


Rowling is publishing a complete history of magic in North America from the 14th century onwards all week on Pottermore, in anticipation of the Potter prequel movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, set in upstate New York and New York City. Study up on it before the Ilvermorny AP exams.

"Consider this my apology for Pottermore sorting you into Hufflepuff."
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(If it seems weird to you that everyone still really cares about a book series that wrapped up nearly 9 years ago...well, tough, because Millennials control the world now, grandpa!)

Prior to today, Rowling had revealed that Americans attend Ilvermorny, a wizarding school somewhere near the New York/Quebec border, and that in America, Muggles are called "No-Majs," which makes sense because, like most American slang, it's inferior to its British counterpart. She also revealed what other schools around the world are called.

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