On Friday, a man named Matthew McCarthy announced he's suing Josh Duggar for using his picture on an Ashley Madison account.

Duggar, the disgraced former Christian reality TV star, was revealed last summer to have an account on Ashley Madison, the website for married people looking to have an affair. Duggar was one of the most high-profile celebrities discovered to have an account after the website was hacked.

Duggar also used McCarthy's picture for his profile on a Twitter account and an OkCupid account. In addition to his many online accounts, a porn star came forward alleging she had a tryst with him.

Homeboy had quite the busy secret life, all while using McCarthy's face.

In the lawsuit, McCarthy says he was raised in a strong-knit Catholic family, so being the literal poster boy for Duggar's infidelity has been humiliating.


McCarthy is seeking damages for the wrongful use of his likeness, so he's likely hoping that the Duggar family didn't blow all their TLC show money on Josh's sex rehab.

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