Two men have broken into his home this year, and he shot one and stabbed the other.


Homeowner Michael Weiners killed his friend and neighbor in self defense after being threatened with an axe.

The neighbor, Eric Frazer, barged into Weiners's home around 2 AM and began smashing the place up, demanding money and to be driven to Arkansas. Weiners claims that Frazer was upset about the coming loss of Frazer's driver's license due to unpaid child support. Weiners believes Frazer was taking out his anger on whoever was closest to him.

Cindie Spence, Frazer's girlfriend, described the two neighbors as friends and partiers:

"They always hung out. They were like best friends."

However, in the same interview, Spence mentions that Frazer would complain about Weiners behind his back.

"Those two would always argue with each other."

So much for "best friends."

According to statements from Weiners, Frazer continued to be destructive as Weiners offered to give him a ride. Weiners excused himself to the kitchen to grab beers for the road. He grabbed a kitchen knife instead.

Weiners warned the rampaging Frazer that he would kill Frazer if the attack didn't stop. Frazer swung an axe, smashing a table at Weiners's feet. After this close call, Weiners then stabbed Frazer multiple times as Frazer reached for money. Frazer escaped, but was found dead behind the wheel of Weiners's stolen truck.

Sources: KMOV | St. Louis Post-Dispatch