We need a hero brave enough to take him on. 

I guess this is the argument against "keep Portland weird?"

A business owner in southeast Portland, Oregon kept noticing that there was shit on the side of his business. He had also heard reports that a man was seen shitting on the side of his business. He put two and two together and concluded that someone was shitting on his business. So, he put a camera in the window to catch the culprit and got a pretty great "deer-in-the-headlights" shot of this dude dropping a load:

So sad that we live in an age where can't even shit on a stranger's wall without being monitored. 

KOIN news broadcasted the video and put it online in the hopes that someone will be able to identify (or go full-out vigilante on) the subject. That must be pretty embarrassing, having a video of you shitting go public. On the other hand, this guy shits on other people's buildings, so he's probably way past caring about that.

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