Move over, Hillary vs. Trump, because this is the most controversial issue of our time: residents of the small coastal town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, are in uproar over a scantily clad seagull statue with a womanly shape. Named "Seagull Cinderella" by its artist Donna Dodson, the voluptuous seabird has riled residents of the town, and some are even calling for its removal.


"[The statue] is ridiculous and makes our city look like a joke," reads an online petition to remove the statue, posted by resident Ray Concannonto. "With New Bedford's rich history, we do not want visitors' lasting impressions to be [this]. What a waste. It needs to go. Remove it, or replace it with something beautiful."

But the statue has its staunch defenders, including town resident Garrett Rosa who started a competing petition to keep the statue up.

"New Bedford is so full of art and out of the ordinary things it would be silly to remove this glorious statue," reads Rosa's petition. "This man is just clearly uncomfortable by the female form and hates the art."

Which will you support in the great seagull with boobs controversy?
Sources: Mashable