Looking for a man who's tall, dark and cold-blooded? Then Bishopville, SC's mysterious Lizard Man might be the guy for you!

Those strong muscles! That look like they were carved out of foam! Because they probably were! (via ABC4)


There are lots of mythical creatures in this world: the Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot. The man under 30 who isn't afraid of commitment. And, of course, the Bishopville, South Carolina Lizard Man.

The picture above was taken by a woman from Sumter, SC, right after leaving church on Sunday. According to ABC4, the woman "stepped out of the sanctuary to see the Lizard Man running along the tree line." That's when she snapped the above picture with her phone, which totally, 100% depicts a real lizard man and not of a guy who owns a lizard suit and loves screwing with locals.

After ABC4 posted this picture, another local resident came forward with a video he took while hunting. He thinks it might also be of the guy with a lizard suit who is laughing really hard right now Lizard Man, although the hunter's not willing to attach his name to it.

Some quick background info on the Bishopville Lizard Man: The first sighting occurred in 1988, when a 17-year-old kid named Christopher Davis stopped to change a flat tire near the Scape Ore Swamp. He reported that the Lizard Man ran at him and climbed onto the top of his car when Davis tried to escape, leaving scratch marks. Other reports have trickled in over the years, a combination of sightings of large, blurry creatures and cars found with attack marks—which leads me to believe that the Lizard Man makes a living by boosting car stereos.

Sources: ABC4