An Australian teacher wrote a note and asked the internet to make it go viral to teach her students about web safety. It worked, which is more than asking to go viral does for your cousin's YouTube channel where he sings Beyoncé songs. Sorry Devin! 

The note reads:

I am a maths teacher and year 9 coordinator at a fantastic high school in Toowoomba, Australia. 

Next week I need to present to the year 9 students about cyber-safety and I wish to see how far this message will go based on my account's security settings.

Please help me by sharing this message as far as you can. I will aim to track the number of "likes" and "shares" and create a mathematical model as well as showing just how far something can go from a small Facebook account.




Thanks for the terrifying reminder, Paula.  The note now has more than 73,000 shares. Your cousin Devin got thirty people to come to his show in the back of a bar once though, so there's that.

Sources: h/t Mashable