Some folks need 72 virgins to go to their death. The humble Penrithians need only a BJ.

It's a dangerous world out there, and sometimes we need a brightly colored, strongly worded sign to keep from electrocuting ourselves, being hit by 10,000-ton trains or drinking out of toilets. However, that same stupidity that leads us to believe our car will continue to function after the road has given way to a cliff is also at work in the people who design those signs. Any species capable of producing members who will happily try to feed an alligator from their babies' mouths will also produce people who will make a warning sign so stupid, it's deadly. 

Yeah, well, that's just one town's opinion, man.

That is why the game was designed to be hands free. So you could hold shields.

Hmmm. Do I go with safety or delightful novelty? I can never decide.

Well, I'll try to slow down so we can all say goodbye in 200 meters.

Don't be a jerk! Be a sudden stop, fly forward, and smash!

"Hey baby!" *slips, falls* "Someone pick up those dollar bills. That's my health insurance."

Oh, good, I was just gonna dive right in. Mmmmmmmmm. Wait, what?

Obviously, this is for Leap Year babies. Dumbass.



Both drivers were looking at the sign when they slammed headfirst into each other.

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