In case you’re too stoned to remember, weed is the slang term for the drug cannabis. You might know that weed comes in different shapes and sizes (nickels, dimes), but did you also know it comes in different words, you toker-junkie? The focus of this article is to make sure you sound very, very cool this 4/20 (and beyond) by teaching you the coolest word for weed from every part of the globe. Here are the 20 most popular terms for mary jane, culled from some of the most glorified potheads on the web.

1. Argentina: Falopa

Need some weed to falopa sleep.

2. Brazil: Maconha

Now this is maconha weed.

3. China: Dàmá 

This weed smells so dàmá fine.

4. Colombia: Bareta

Dude, you bareta leave. You're ruining my high.

5. Finland: Marii

One hit of this and you'll have a marii-velous time.

6. France: Du Shit

This is du shit.

7. Germany: Kiffen

Kiffen me softly with this bong.

8. India: Bhang

That was some bhangin weed.

9. Israel: Yarok

Oh weed, yarok my world.

10. Italy: Erba

This is some erba-lievable stuff.

11. Jamaica: Ganja

You're ganja have a good time.

12. Japan: Happa

What is happa-ning right now?

13. Mexico: Mota

Bernie is very pro-mota-ble.

14. Netherlands: Ges

College definitely has its advanta-ges.

15. Philippines: Damo

I see ya Matt Damo-n

16. Russia: Travka

Apparently, it's very difficult to put "Travka" in some horrible pun so here's Vladimir Putin smoking a fat one, instead.

17. South Africa: Dagga

When you drop off the goods, do it cloak and dagga style.

18. Spain: Hierba

You're such a hierba-vore.

19. Sweden: Majja

Making majja proud, one blunt at a time.

20. United States of America: Dank

There's nothing more dank than Dank Sinatra.