The votes are in, and the Native American getting choked stays! Yesterday, residents of Whitesboro, New York, voted 157 to 55 to keep their village seal. Their website swears it depicts the village's founder, Hugh White, engaged in one of the "friendly wrestling match[es] that helped foster good relations between White and the Indians." That the seal looks a lot like a white guy strangling a Native American isn't lost on Whitesboro Mayor Patrick O'Connor, but he says that the historical facts have to be taken into consideration, and that the seal isn't offensive to him

Wow, look how friendly these guys are being! No one is getting throttled at all. Just a couple of very friendly guys.

The town's flag went viral back in June, after it was uncovered by a redditor. Someone started a petition to get the town to change it, and O'Connor presented the town with several alternative options last night, including one seal that depicted the white man and the Oneida man shaking hands. But at the end of the night, the town (incidentally, 99.5% white) was overwhelmingly pro-throttle.

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