No shirt, no shoes, self-service.

If you've ever wondered if McDonald's had an employee policy in place for dealing with half-naked women tearing up the joint and serving themselves ice cream, you now have your answer. Evidently, they're instructed to stand around and watch, then gather together afterwards for a few laughs while viewing the surveillance footage. I guess the policy works, in that no one involved was hurt and we were able to learn some of what the woman said while trashing the place, along with the fact that the "bitch is crazy."

Is there even a need at this point to mention that the McDonald's is located in Florida? Well it is. Insane incidents like this can happen anywhere, but videos from Florida have become so common that when you see words like "naked" and "rampage" together in a headline, you know there's a fifty-fifty chance of it being from the Sunshine State. We're probably only a few years away from a scene like this being a Florida McDonald's commercial.

The original, uncensored footage can be found here, where you not only get to see Florida Woman in all her unpixelated glory, you can watch the entire naked rampage without sitting through an ad for the new animated children's movie Rio 2.


(by Jonathan Corbett)