Watch this video of some children vogueing so hard at the North Venice Vogue Ball that you'll want to yell, "Mercy!"

This video from 2013 is circulating today, clearly because it's a gem. Dance can give children confidence, because it involves performing and taking ownership of your body. Vogueing is all that times a hundred. There can be no hesitation when you strike a pose.


Which is why I don't see any hesitation here:

Or here:

And definitely not here:

(screenshots via YouTube)

Well, I looked for a more contemporary example of this competition and found something from December 2014, but the girls are a little older. They're just as intense, though some of their moves seem more like the work of a contortionist. Still incredible, just not supported by the sheer FIERCENESS of the younger ladies above. Since I can't even strike a pose at the DMV (both my eyes are always closed!) I won't judge.

Sources: Kanaal van z895 | h/t BuzzFeed