To promote dollar tacos, professional skateboarder Jon Newport donned a taco costume, but alcohol and toppings sent him careening into traffic.

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This is worth the click.

After an afternoon drinking at Baby's All Right in Williamsburg, production manager Ben Wilkes and co-worker Jon Newport, decided more people should know about the kick-ass dollar taco Happy Hour special they'd been enjoying. Apparently, Newport was a professional skateboarder in his teens, so putting on a taco suit and rolling down the notoriously steep pedestrian walkway of the Williamsburg Bridge should have been no problem. Taco suits aren't great for visibility, nor is 3 hours of pre-gaming, so he was soon shooting into a moving car.

But he's okay! He also told ANIMAL New York that he's looking forward to giving it another shot:

“It worked out great, I can't wait to do it again. I probably won't get hit by a car, but I will risk my life."

Masked men don the suit when duty calls.

Sources: Baby's | h/t ANIMAL New York