The whitest-looking guy in a stadium full of white-looking guys.

As a liberal white person, one of my favorite pastimes is obviously making fun of other white people for being so white! It's what we do to make ourselves feel slightly less white by comparison. (Oh, white people! We're so white!) 


So, I went into this video of BET Awards host Chris Rock interviewing white people at a monster truck show—"the whitest place [he] could find"—fully expecting to laugh at some white people. However, as I realized about midway through this clip, I'm really, really white:

Okay, since I'm a white guy who went to college in the '90s, I know what NWA stands for (and if you ask me to, I'll happily recite most of "F--k tha Police" for you). BET, I know that — it's one of the 3,000 stations that I don't watch because it doesn't have Game of Thrones. I'll admit that didn't know that there was such a thing as the BET Awards. But, to be fair, there are, like, a billion televised annual award shows.

Okay, now here's where it gets really embarrassing: I have no idea how to end that "Started from the Bottom" Drake lyric thing. I am aware that Drake is a hip-hop artist, and I gather it's a song of his. But if I was pressed, I probably would have said "ended at the top" right along with these people.

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