Don't worry, it was for a movie.

A seemingly drunken Will Ferrell was carried out of the Smoothie King Center by security during the halftime of last night's Pelicans/Lakers game after making a slurred speech about harming anyone who touches his children, smashing a cheerleader in the face while attempting a half-court shot, and then launching another ball through the air.

A fan at the game captured all of this here:

According to, those in attendance were informed ahead of time that this was all a set-up for a film shoot for Ferrell's upcoming movie with Mark Wahlberg, Daddy's Home. In the film, Ferrell plays "a mild-mannered radio executive who is determined to become the best stepdad possible to the children of his new wife (Cardellini). Wahlberg plays the children's 'freewheeling and freeloading' biological father, whose sudden re-emergence forces Ferrell's character to compete for the affection of the children."

The set-up might explain why you can hear booing as Ferrell begins to talk. Or, people in New Orleans are over Ferrell's antics.

Either way, here's a much better look at Will Ferrell doing what he does best: smashing cheerleaders in the face. Stay classy, Ferrell. (Click lower right icon for sound).

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