Oh yeah? We rubbed our balls on your Internet picture. Now we need Windex for our laptops.

What happens when two assholes collide on a humid day? Let's just say it's best observed at a distance, like the interaction between these two human rectums. It's hard to say who's the bigger sphincter in this scenario. Arguably, slamming your car door into your neighbor's car is more damaging, and therefore more of an end-of-the-digestive-tract move; doing it twice is even worse, as it implies a total lack of remorse after hitting it (potentially accidentally) the first time. On the other hand, people occasionally hit each other's cars with their doors. Never in the course of normal parking-lot interactions do your balls accidentally end up on someone's door handle. It does no real damage, but you have to plan it out and initiate it on purpose. Your whole being, in that moment, is devoted to rubbing your balls on the door. Which is a pretty asshole thing to do.

Sources: Redditor MyDingoAteYourBaby