It can't leave this Earth until it settles its unpaid parking tickets.

"I am the ghost of Jeep Models Future." (via WITN)

North Carolina was covered in ice last night as this winter's harsh weather continues to pound the East Coast, but like many ice storms it also created some very cool pictures. In particular are these photos sent by viewers to WITN, NBC's affiliate for eastern NC, of a Jeep that left an ice shell of itself suspended in a parking lot.

No hard facts are known in this story, so we're just left with theories. Which is fine, because it's the Internet. The leading theory is that the car's owner let it warm up for a while (which detached the ice from the grill) before backing away. The ice was still frozen at the bottom to the sidewalk.

Rear view, not a mirror. (via WITN)


Or, OR! MAYBE that ice grill will remain there until someone true of heart and owning a Grand Cherokee pulls into the spot, becoming the next King or Queen of Jeeplandia. Maybe.

Sources: WITN | redditor Schmooop