How you say? Le "oops."

We've seen a lot of crazy near-death winter sports videos in the last two weeks, from a snowboarder who barely managed to stay ahead of the avalanche he caused to a snowmobiler who started an avalanche, got buried, and was rescued by his friends within 90 seconds. Today's mixture of adventure and serious danger was actually filmed a few years ago, but has only gone viral today (perhaps after exhausting this year's crop of insane snow videos).

In it, a French snowmobiler loses his snowmobile at the very tippy-top of a mountain. Then, until about 1:25, he takes a terrifying slide down a narrow ravine where you're pretty sure he's gonna die. Then, like an idiot, he watches his snowmobile plummet towards him. When it passes him at 2:00, he lets himself fall again down another ravine in order to chase it. Finally, at 2:50, you hear him make a noise that pretty much sums up his entire day.


If only he knew how to enjoy the misfortunes of winter like these people making the best of the cold weather pounding the East Coast.

Sources: ArAmR0uM on YouTube | Digg