The Black Dot Campaign was started this year as a way for victims of domestic violence to signal that they need help when they are potentially unable to speak out and ask for it. Someone who who feels unsafe or is trapped in a violent situation can draw a black dot on their skin, and it will be recognized by anyone familiar with the campaign as a cry for help. 


The campaign has gotten mixed responses, but has also begun trending amongst women who have escaped domestic violence and who want to share their stories.

I lived to see another day ..and never again want to be held prisoner and beaten so badly ..To all the people who love...

Posted by Oralia E. Morales on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some people have been critiquing the campaign, saying that if we all know what the black dot means, it follows that the abuser might as well and it could trigger them into further control and violence. The response has been that every case is different and what is helpful for one woman might not work for another, but ultimately the more tools for helping people the better. It also seems to be inspiring women to think outside the box about how to reach out.

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