Ilana Glazer, co-creator and star of Broad City, found out that some random dude was telling girls he wrote for her show, and in the biggest cock-block of all time, she called him out on it. By name. During a stand up set.

The liar in question, ID'ed by Glazer as Zach Jobin, probably had no idea that his lie would get around to the show's creator and become a three-minute long story performed for an audience at a bar in New York City.

Yas, queen.

A big hole in Jobin's story is that, according to an interview with Vice, Ilana and Abbi write the show with their close friends. So yeah, they would definitely know if this "Zach Jobin" was in their writers room. Of course, Glazer leaves the audience with some sage advice: "Don't fuck a dude 'cuz you think he works on Broad City."