The cache of released documents regarding Brock Turner's January 2015 rape of an unconscious woman at Stanford has been an unending source of outrage, but it appears the final head-scratcher is the letter his mother, Carleen Turner, wrote to Judge Aaron Persky prior to sentencing.

And—get this—she actually managed to write a letter even more infuriating than the one written by his father. So, so, so much more. Get some ice, 'cause your blood is gonna boil.


The letter is 3.5 pages long and you can read it in full here, but here are some especially choice excerpts for you to hate-read (emphasis added by this very angry reporter).

Carleen starts the letter off by talking about her son, the "REAL" Brock Allen Turner, as though the one who was convicted on three felony counts for raping someone passed out behind a dumpster was somehow "fake."

He participated in Cub Scouts during grade school with Dan as his Den leader. The scouts sell popcorn in the fall and after a couple of years, Brock decided he wanted to be the top seller for our region. Dan and I do not take order forms to work, if our kids are selling a product it's on them to sell. Brock would go door to door to sell, he even got a 90-year-old lady to buy some. She couldn't eat popcorn but was impressed that Brock took the time to sit with her on her front porch and talk to her. That's the kind of kid he was—very respectful and polite.