In July, Cosmopolitan UK and SEAT announced that they were creating a car especially for women. The press release tosses around phrases like "#cargoals" and "Bye, Felicia!" to get women excited about buying a very expensive vehicle made just for them. You might be thinking, "why are we gendering cars?" No idea.

After a grueling two months of anticipation, SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan was revealed at FashFest on Thursday. So what does this car offer the modern woman? Period absorbent seats? Tinted windows so weird males can't catcall you through them? Tires big enough to crush the patriarchy?


Nope. The car is purple (disappointing, as the color was described as "EVERYTHING" in all caps in the press release), the headlights look like they are lined with eyeliner, and Cosmo boasts that it's great for "impromptu karaoke performances, last-minute wardrobe changes, dramatic gossip sessions and emergency lunch-hour kips."

Nothing about the car screams "practical," and I personally know many more women who use their cars for driving their children to school and getting themselves to work than for dramatic gossip sessions. After all, we are real women with shit to do and not characters on Sex and the City.