Fitness blogger Erin Bailey has had it with men sexually harassing women in gym clothes (or any clothes) and on August 11 she took to her blog to speak (write) out about it. In a post called "What do we deserve?", the 25-year-old recounts just some of the many disgusting things men have done or said to her while in the middle of a workout.


Among the encounters: the time a gross guy interrupted her boot camp in the park to tell her all the nasty things he "wanted to do to [her]" and the time a guy who nicely held the door open for her at 7-Eleven proceeded to not-so-nicely follow her down the street yelling at her.

She ends her post by writing:

Don't ask me what I was wearing. That's not the question.

If we stopped doing things that felt or seemed dangerous, we wouldn't live.

Am I supposed to stop going to the park? Am I supposed to not run in downtown Boston in the broad daylight? Am I supposed to not go to 7Eleven or the laundromat at 6PM on a Wednesday night? Am I supposed to not go to the gym?

I am careful. I don't go to dangerous places alone. I don't run in dodgy areas by myself. I carry keys on me, and soon pepper spray to put my Moms mind at ease. But that's not the point.

What do I deserve?

I deserve to be treated like a human, not just a woman, because that means something different these days.

And us women, what do we deserve?

We deserve not to feel silenced by your yells.

We deserve to feel empowered for bettering ourselves.

We deserve to feel sexy in our own skin without feeling like we're here to bait you.

We deserve to speak out without the threat of you lingering on our minds.

We deserve to run outside.

We deserve to be judged on our merits, not our outfits.

We deserve more. A whole lot more.