The TV Guide description for this 10 second video, which we bravely covered yesterday, would be "sassy tween takes revenge on dumb ex." But that is underselling it. It deserves Oscars. It's perfect. It's the Citizen Kane of 10 second videos, and if you disagree, you're probably a Ryan.


It is the only thing I've ever loved on the internet, and here are 21 questions I have about it.

1. Are "Ryans" the male "Beckys?"

2. Did Ryan get that bracelet from a quarter machine?

3. Or did he buy that bracelet in bulk, maybe wholesale? Like he has a bag of bracelets at home that he hands out to all his ladies?

4. Ryan definitely wears a puka shell necklace, right?

5. Whose house is that that she throws it toward? Is it Ryan's? Her duplicitous best friend's?

6. Who's filming this? That is some steady camera movement.

7. How much do you want to bet she goes back to that yard and picks up the bracelet later?

8. Do you think Ryan straight up told her that he wanted to date her friend when they broke up and that's how she knows all this?

9. How soon can we all start saying "Have fun with her, Ryan" as a catchphrase for when we want to be spectacularly dismissive?