Sometimes the best jokes are made by a double act, even if the person playing the "straight" role doesn't know they're playing it. For example, On April 12, Toronto based writer/Twitter user Ktkins (@voldemortsbicep) tweeted the joke:


It's one of those great "it's funny 'cause it's true" jokes, but it gets even better when someone steps up to prove the "true" part right then and there.

This is the Twitter face of a woman who's not afraid to make fun of a man (ktkins).

It took just over an hour for the first man (@grhughes82) to mansplain Ktkin's own joke to her.

To which she replied (because how could she not?):


And Greg obliged her with another explanation, this time adding a patronizing compliment about how well she pulled off a joke without truly understanding the meaning.

Would he take the bait again?

No, but another man gladly stepped in.

Wow. That's…there's…just…he…wow.


Ktkins tweeted a screenshot of the whole back and forth, which, of course, quickly got thousands of faves and retweets on Twitter.

Someecards spoke briefly with Ktkins, #hero, about her tweet going viral and the ensuing reaction to it. When asked to expound upon her initial statement (which was the not incorrect "girls rule boys drool"), she said she's annoyed at the many misogynist jerks replying to her on Twitter ("they're like gnats"), but that she's gotten a lot of support and a lot of new feminist followers, so overall, she's really happy.

Her tweet itself was hilarious, but she didn't make those guys respond. They did that of their own volition. That part is "truly perfect," and an apt illustration of "irony," for any men who might not be familiar with the word.

And she's also got some "truly perfect" advice for any angry men on Twitter: