She fought back. And won.

Let her into your class, losers. (via

Cash Cayen tried to register for a robotics class at her local library in Timmins, Ontario, and was denied because she was a girl. However, since we live in a modern age, she started a petition on with the following opening line:

"Because today I tried to register for the robotics session that our local library is offering and was refused based on the fact that I am a girl."

She's received over 30,000 signatures already, and has also been granted access to the class following an apology from the library.

LOL his last name is Doody. (via


The only thing better than the positive end to this young Canadian girl's story is the fact that the man who signed the apology letter has the last name of Doody. I hope all feminist struggles are resolved this swiftly in the future.

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