Last week, Australian mommy blogger and real human person with feelings Mel Watts wrote a light-hearted Facebook post about the benefits of "quickies" for exhausted parents with kids. It went viral, and everything was great.

Except this week, she had to follow up that cute post with this heart-breaking video called, "Going viral isn't all that. Keyboard warriors & keyboard trolls you won."


Ah, the joys of being a woman on the internet.

In her video, Watts speculates that bullying doesn't start with kids—it starts with their parents.

She recounts the deluge of cruel messages and comments she received from people all around the world who found her post offensive (or disrespectful towards her husband).

Through her tears, she says, "I'm a good wife, and I'm a really good mother. And most of all, I'm a really good friend. I would do anything for people. And I don't understand how people can say this kind of stuff and be so nasty to people they don't even know."

Did we just have a quickie? Like a day time one? With one child at the neighbours and a baby asleep in the cot it...

Posted by Mel Watts - The Modern Mumma on Saturday, July 30, 2016