Swiss artist Milo Moiré is bringing her public performance piece "Mirror Box" to cities all over Europe, and even in that sexually uninhibited continent, people are getting weirded out. In her piece, Moiré wears a mirrored box in place of either her shirt or skirt, which features a hole cut out in the front, obscured with a curtain. With a megaphone, she invites any and all passersby to reach in and feel whatever they find there (her breasts and vagina) for 30 seconds. And while to a prudish American it might seem like a pervy peep show, Moiré knows exactly what she's doing—she's making a point about consent.

This old lady gets it.

According to the description of Moiré's latest YouTube video:

The consensual nature of sexual acts becomes a symbol here. Moiré has additionally taken the liberty of showing female desire, thus giving women a sexual voice. The artist supplements the dominant image of the female body as a mirror of male desire through the transparency of the libidinous black box of woman.

Using her megaphone, she explained the premise of her art piece to all the randos standing around who were waiting to cop a feel: