Menstruation is a very natural part of life that is not at all vile or gross. Unless blood is flying through the air and vomiting is involved. Then it's gross. And yet still so relatable (for menstruating women, at least. Nobody else can understand).


As such, there's nothing to be ashamed about here! Even though these 15 period stories (from many different Reddit threads) seem like nightmares and may give you second-hand embarrassment, it's important to suffer through them for the sake of normalizing periods. And for entertainment. 

1. If you thought getting cramps during gym class was bad, wait until you hear what marmosetohmarmoset suffered.


I was the awkward weird kid in high school. Somehow both nerdy and freakish at the same time. Anyway, in 9th grade I had gym class with not a single friend, or even friendly acquaintance. One day, right before class, I got my period. Still being new at the whole menstruation thing didn't have anything with me (and with no friends in the class, no one to bum off of). Since that was the day we were getting our introduction to the weight room I figured I'd be ok if I just stuffed a bunch of toilet paper down there, since all we were doing was sitting around having the different machines explained to us.

Everything was going ok until my teacher decided she needed a volunteer to demonstrate one of the machines. It was the abductor/adductor machine. You know- the one that when you use it you suddenly remember that you're overdue for you annual PAP smear? That one. Of course she picks me to demonstrate. I try to tell her that I'm not feeling well, but she was a hard ass and I was shy so I did not state my case very forcibly.

So there I am, spread eagle, my legs in virtual stirrups, and my poor light-blue gym short clad-crotch displayed in front of the entire class. The toilet paper in my panties of course picks that moment to quit. I feel the blood squirting out and soaking my gym shorts and see the gradual look of horror/amusement come across the faces of my classmates. The teacher is totally oblivious.

That day did not help my reputation.

edit:TL;DR: Showed my bloody crotch to a whole class of hostile 14-year-olds