Look, desperate times call for desperate measures, that's understandable. You're in the middle of getting all hot and heavy and just about to do the deed, when you realize something important is missing—the condom. But however much you might be tempted to improvise and bang anyway, do not do what this teenager did and USE CLING WRAP. No! Bad teen, bad! 

Cling wrap is not for wrapping around your face OR your dick.

In an essay for Total Sorority Move, titled "That Time I Used Saran Wrap Instead Of A Condom," a woman recounts being a recently deflowered 17-year-old who narrowly escaped a contraceptive disaster. She arranged a "sleepover" with her boyfriend at his sister's house, in hopes of having slightly more romantic sex than the post-school quickies they'd managed thus far. 

So when we arrived at his sister’s house for the evening, I was ready for a romantic evening and he was not. After making small talk over dinner with the woman who shared his genetics, watching some bullshit show on the TV, and pretending to be tired, we headed off to bed. That’s when everything started going to shit.

Unfortunately, she relied on him to remember to bring protection (mistake number one). Just as they're getting really into it, he breaks the bad news that he doesn't have a condom, and she wracked her brain for alternatives.

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