A study out of the University of Surrey found that sexist jokes can work to normalize sexism, taking them in rather than fully laughing them off.

Three new studies on the link between men's magazines (or "lads' mags," as they call them out in Surrey) and an acceptance of bias against women. It appears that by consuming sexist humor, the men feel lest hostile towards sexist behavior.

Sadly, there is no such thing as "just a joke," because according to the social psychologists, jokes make many bros feel okay with the realities behind them.

The lead author of the study, Professor Peter Hargerty (A man, so you can know it's legit, bros) said that the anti-woman humor found in men's magazines " can shape the expression of a prejudice that is generally considered unacceptable in an egalitarian society."


It took the researchers explicitly comparing the jokes made in men's magazines to quotes by convicted rapists to make dudes see why such literature could be bad.


As Presidential Candidate Donald Trump attempts to brush off his disgusting comments about women as jokes or locker room talk, men might be seeing it and thinking it's okay now.

Sources: h/t The Cut | University of Surrey