The evidence is clear: Disney illustrators draw the eyes of princesses bigger than their waistlines.

"My spine can't support my own body." (via Above Average)

Everyone knows the female bodies depicted in Disney animation could never exist in real life. But this whole eyes-to-stomach ratio is just bonkers. Someone at Above Average made this eerily genius observation and it's sort of blowing my mind.

Elsa doesn't eat yellow snow, or any food at all. (via Above Average)

Yes, I know they're just cartoons and "aren't real" or whatever, but these female characters set absurdly unattainable ideals for young girls about their bodies. And I'm going to keep talking about it until Disney stops doing it.

"I've never even seen my own stomach!"
(via Above Average)

Once upon a time I thought I would actually look like Ariel in a bikini. At least I just got an ab workout from laughing so hard that I ever thought that would happen. I'm proud to say my adult body found a middle ground somewhere between Ariel and Ursula.

"Interests include sitting around and reading books with my giant eyes."
(via Above Average)

Maybe all the princesses have secret origin stories about their painful waist training, extensive lipo and eye-widening surgeries. I hope one day these stories finally come to light. Until then, here are more disturbing waistline the rest of the princesses. Enjoy. Or, you can look at princesses drawn as raptors!