Blogger and model Stina Sanders recently shared something about herself on both her Instagram and her blog—namely that, contrary to some men's beliefs, she does not enjoy having random dicks slide into her DMs.

It's all about the gold chokers and sunroof weather 🙌🏽

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In a blog post titled "I don’t want to see your penis!" Sanders wrote that she "receive[s] erect penis images at least three times a week." Sanders argued quite sanely that unwarranted dick pics are harassment.

Flashing someone is harassment and I believe receiving an inappropriate image without consent, is also harassment. Your swollen gherkin isn’t going to make me land on my knees and beg you to be the father of my child. It’s going to make me turn on my heel and run in the opposite direction. Your photo is disrespectful and insulting to my eyes. 

To top off her argument, Sanders shared a conversation she had with one man and his penis.

Sources: h/t BroBible