Like so many other "female problems," the wage gap is real and not women's fault, even though many people will try to claim otherwise. So, it's good news that women now have science on their side. Because people listen to science (right? please?). A new study found that men are more likely to get a raise, even though men and women actually ask for raises at the same rate. Actually.


This disproves all the wage gap deniers who try to justify the fact that American women make 79 cents for every dollar American men make by saying things like "but women just need to ask for a raise!" or "Sexism is over!"

Sorry, but,

The study was based on data collected from 4,600 Australians across 800 employers, but is applicable anywhere in the world. Researchers found ZERO difference in how often men and women ask for raises, according to the Guardian.

Sources: Guardian