For some reason, SuperDrug Online Doctor conducted a study to see how many people one has to sleep with before being labeled "promiscuous" by their peers. That's right, a whole study devoted to slut shaming! Hooray!


As you ponder, "Wait, aren't I an adult who should be able make my own sexual decisions without being reprimanded?" take a gander at these handy charts. 2,180 were surveyed, and 1,263 respondents identified as male with 917 respondents identifying as female.

Are you a total slut? Look at this dumb chart to find out!

Man, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. If you have sex with too few people, you are deemed a prude, but if you have sex with too many, you are a slut. Who made this chart, my high school? You're especially screwed if you are from Austria, where having seven partners is "too conservative," and over eight is starting to become promiscuous. Sheesh.